Kallistos Gwynn

Kallistos is a certified Grandmaster Tarot reader, author, and life and business coach. Over his long career, he has consulted with thousands of clients in-person and online, presented at numerous conferences, and taught many students how to read and interpret the Tarot.

Dr. Moira McClay

Moira is a practicing clinical psychologist and has been reading Tarot professionally and full-time for over a decade. A proud native of Scotland, the only thing she loves more than the beautiful northern highlands is helping her clients to improve their lives.

Dr. Sharon Vale

Sharon is a certified physician and life coach and has been reading Tarot for many years. She specializes in providing advice and support concerning physical and sexual health, relationships, and romance.

Elena Sedova

Elena is a certified financial planner who specializes in advice for young professionals and students, especially in regards to budgeting, finances, and career and academic development.




The guidance and advice we provide is not "for entertainment purposes only"; what best separates Druid Tarot from others is that we are professional consultants and we provide personalized guidance that gives you real solutions and clarity about love, business, and life.


You and all of our clients are prized, respected, and valued. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance, which is why we are the only professional Tarot counselors (to our knowledge) to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We wish for you and all of our clients to receive the greatest value, and a luxurious experience, with no risk and nothing to lose.


Your information and details that you share or provide during our sessions are kept strictly confidential, unless you provide your express permission otherwise (such as for a testimonial).

Why Discerning Clients Choose Druid Tarot

Druid Tarot's readings (and related services) are professional consultations and coaching sessions that give real results, help, and advice.

To protect themselves from legal trouble, unprofessional Tarot readers use countless legal disclaimers that state that their readings are "for entertainment only!"


Druid Tarot's counseling and reading sessions are professional, sincere, and are NOT "for entertainment only."

Druid Tarot's readings feature fully customized and personalized card spreads that will answer your questions, resolve your problems, and transform your life.

On the contrary, unprofessional Tarot readers give generic readings using pre-made card spreads that are intentionally vague, with meanings that could apply to anyone.

Druid Tarot instead works with you to give you the answers you truly desire and need.


Druid Tarot provides a


Unprofessional Tarot readers do not provide refunds under any circumstances; they take your money and run.


But Druid Tarot is certain that you will LOVE your personalized consultation and will receive OUTSTANDING advice. We take on all of the financial risks because we want you to enjoy a RISK-FREE experience, knowing you have nothing to lose by scheduling a Tarot session with us.

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