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A Traveling Home for Your Tarot Cards

When you are traveling, you may enjoy taking your Tarot cards with you.

After all, you may need to perform a reading for a client along the way, or you may wish to perform a daily reading for yourself.

In this article, we will discuss various ways you can transport your Tarot cards safely.

In the Deck Box

This is often the simplest method. Many Tarot decks now come in small boxes which are suitable for carrying the deck around.

However, this depends on the deck in question. Some Tarot cards are rather large, and even when they are not, the boxes themselves can be over-sized.

An example of this is the Byzantine Tarot. This beautiful deck is excellent, but the cards are larger than most other Tarot cards, and the box for the cards themselves is even larger! It is about the size of a book, which can make transportation a challenge.

In a Deck Pouch or Bag

Although this requires finding (or making) a pouch or bag of the appropriate size, this is often a great method for transporting Tarot cards when the cards or their accompanying box are too large.

Many drawstring bags are suitable for carrying Tarot cards. The only significant downside is that, depending on the material used, the bag may not be terribly water-resistant. If you place the bag in a purse or case, then this is not much of an issue, of course, but it is something to think about when you are traveling; accidents can happen!

A Waterproof Case or Pouch

This is probably the best method for transporting a Tarot deck. Get a small, waterproof case that can fit the cards but can be slipped into a pocket, a purse, a travel case, or whatever the situation calls for.

The downside is that many waterproof cases look rather "functional" or "tactical" rather than artistic or stylish. This may not be an issue for you, depending on your taste. If not, then a waterproof case is definitely an excellent option!

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