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Daily Wisdom through the Tarot

What if you perform a Tarot reading and interpret that it shows a particular meaning, and then hours later you rethink your interpretation and come to a different conclusion as to its "real" meaning?

Fear not, for ideally, this is the practice of meditation put into action.

The Tarot is an excellent tool for the purposes of meditation. Tarot can bring to mind an aspect of ourselves we should consider and improve upon (such as through a daily one-card reading), and it can grant insight into various circumstances relevant to our lives.

Whenever you perform a reading, think carefully about what each card signifies in its position in the spread as well as what each card symbolizes.

Sometimes, of course, the symbolism is not readily apparent, but a little thought and creativity can work wonders in interpreting the cards; after all, one would be hard-pressed to find any human who was not impacted in some way by the aspects symbolized by each Tarot card.

Even so, sometimes a reading does not appear immediately valuable. Let us say you draw the VII of Cups as part of a daily one-card reading, with your question being "What aspect of my life should I consider for today?" The VII of Cups symbolizes an array of choices and options. Perhaps it suggests that you should review all options ahead of you with care, but strive to make a choice instead of allowing indecisiveness to reign.

But what if during your day you come across no great choices to be made, no earth-shattering decisions to consider?

What if you lounged around the house the whole day and your biggest decision involved which flavor of ice cream to eat while watching Friends reruns?

You might at first say to yourself, "Well, I guess that reading was wrong."

That would be a mistake. Consider the situation with greater wisdom and depth of thought. By staying in the house, eating ice cream, and watching Friends reruns, you DID make a choice...out of countless other possibilities. Not only could you have eaten something different or spent your time doing something other than watching TV, you might have been able to leave the house altogether and accomplish some other goal.

You could have done something highly productive.

Or, if you wanted this day to relax, maybe there would have been a more enjoyable way to relax that you had not considered.

Maybe you could have done something more exciting; maybe you could have had a new experience, even.

After all, we only get limited time in the world, and there are so many possibilities, as the VII of Cups shows. But some decisions may be significantly better for you than others. Life is short; rather than merely doing the same-old, same-old, maybe you should experience something altogether new.

Alternatively, maybe the same-old, same-old WAS the right choice for you. Maybe you love and enjoy doing easygoing things around the house.

There is no wrong answer here, and that is the point: a daily Tarot reading simply helps you to be mindful throughout your day.

Mindfulness permits the cultivation of wisdom.

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