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"For Entertainment Only!" and Why You Should Beware that Disclaimer

Visit countless Tarot websites, blogs, and shops and you will see the same disclaimer posted everywhere:

"For entertainment only!"

If you are a client hoping for a serious Tarot reading, whenever you see this disclaimer...run in the other direction.

If you were to visit a therapist's or doctor's office and see a big sign that read "For entertainment only!"...wouldn't you turn and run the other way? Of course! Then why would you risk your psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual health on a "super-psychic Tarot reader with magical powers---for entertainment only!!!"? If you were wise, you wouldn't.

Instead, you would find a professional Tarot consultant. The "Tarot readers" who use this sort of disclaimer fall into the category of entertainers, and they neither take consultations seriously, nor do they provide actual, practical help and guidance.

(For more on entertainers, read this article: https://www.druidtarot.com/post/types-of-tarot-readers)

As a potential Tarot client, that is all you need to be mindful about. A professional Tarot consultant (who is most likely certified in many things, from finances to counseling to life coaching) stands by the quality and service provided by the readings and consultations, and does NOT have this sort of "for entertainment purposes only!" disclaimer.

Checking for this one thing alone will weed out 99.9% of unprofessional readers or scam artists out there. Remember: no matter how brilliant someone may seem on their website or in their shop or whatnot, if you see this disclaimer, go elsewhere if you value your time and money, and if you have a serious issue that needs to be resolved or a sincere question that needs to be answered (unless you really do just want a meaningless reading for fun and laughs).

So why are these disclaimers everywhere? It has to do with deceptive business practices.

If you are interested---and especially if you are an up-and-coming Tarot consultant who hopes to create and run a successful business---continue reading.

Once upon a time, there was an entertainer with goals to scam the gullible and desperate out of their money. But, rightly worried about getting sued for fraud, this entertainer decided to try to protect herself by including a pseudo-legal disclaimer: "For entertainment only!" She promptly hid this away on her website and in her storefront, not bringing it up unless some skeptical person asked. She didn't want the skeptics to get her readings anyway; they might figure out her scams, and they might just sue!

Everything was going well enough for this scam artist, until she noticed a competing Tarot business. This Tarot consultant had various certifications: life-coach, therapist, counselor, financial planner---you name it, this guy had it. How could the scam artist compete with that? She couldn't. That Tarot consultant had a winning competitive advantage.

So she decided to deceive him. She posted false advice on her blog and everywhere else she could find, convincing by word of mouth hundreds, if not thousands, of other would-be Tarot readers out there, amateur and otherwise (not a single one of whom with any background in law) that there was some sort of requirement, some kind of terrible obligation, to post this FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY disclaimer all over the place. You know, just to be safe and all. Just in case.

And the Tarot consultant, hearing this false legal advice parroted everywhere by well-meaning people, believed it. This Tarot consultant promptly added the disclaimer to the website and storefront. You know, just in case!

That's how the scam artist won. She had convinced---through trickery and deceit (really the only things she was skilled at)---her competitor, with whom she could not possibly hope to compete fairly, to destroy the main competitive advantage!

Now, to the uninitiated, there was nothing separating her business from her competitor. Now the gullible and desperate had a hard time telling them apart. And they just started going for her...

Having consulted with hundreds of other Tarot readers who were seeking my business coaching services, I have seen this same topic come up again and again since the early 2000s, when this nonsensical, pseudo-legal disclaimer first began to be spread surreptitiously across the internet. Countless well-meaning Tarot readers have fallen prey to this rubbish, damaging the credibility and reputation of their businesses (and destroying their competitive advantages) in the process.

Regarding the disclaimer: It is actually completely inaccurate in the United States that this disclaimer is necessary for a consulting business involving Tarot. The various websites that say so (which are, coincidentally, entertainment-Tarot-blogs all parroting the same "information"...isn't that strange, hmm?) are in blatant error, and likely are flat-out lying to you.

What is correct is that there are a few principalities and communities in a handful of states with various restrictions on businesses that claim "psychic" or "magical" powers or effects. However, except in cases of blatant and serious fraud, there have been no successful lawsuits against individuals without this disclaimer. In fact, most of the successful lawsuits that have occurred (of which we are aware) have actually impacted self-proclaimed psychics (frauds) who did in fact have this disclaimer already!

Because you are running a business, we recommend that you avoid legal "advice" given online and instead retain the services of a skilled and professional lawyer. Yes, lawyers are expensive, and retaining a good one is even more so. This is, however, a necessary expense for a serious business.

A lawyer will inform you that having that disclaimer actually serves no purpose anyway, as in most jurisdictions in the United States a disclaimer of that nature is no actual protection against claims of fraud and deceptive business practices.

So, at best, the disclaimer does (almost) nothing. At worst, it harms the professionalism and stature of your business. Please do not fall for the nonsense parroted online by entertainers, many of whom try to convince others to take on the same sorts of disclaimers because, if their competition does so, then their competition weakens.

Please do not fall for deceptive business practices and outright nonsense. Instead, as noted above, retain a good business lawyer who can inform you precisely of what you need to do in order to best protect your business against frivolous lawsuits.

If you wish your Tarot business to be more like life coaching, then market and advertise that fact as a STRENGTH! Get certified in life coaching, in financial planning, and in various other fields. Then advertise this as part of your marketing. Use it as a competitive advantage against the countless "for entertainment only!" readers out there, who simply cannot compete against that level of professionalism.

Again, if you were to visit a therapist's or doctor's office and see a big sign that read "For entertainment only!"...wouldn't you turn and run the other way?

Rather than throw your competitive advantage away with bad, fake legal advice found scattered across the blogs of Tarot entertainers (the advice of whom is parroted blindly acros the internet), advertise and market your product and service for what it is: a transformational experience based in effective and efficient life-coaching principles.

So many aspiring Tarot professionals fall for this nonsensical legal disclaimer that destroys their fledgling businesses' credibility and reputation. Do not let the same thing happen to you!

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