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How to Perform a Daily One-Card Tarot Reading

On the path to spiritual and personal development, every day is an opportunity for growth, advancement, and progression.

But sometimes the path is not so clear. Sometimes it is obscured and even blocked. Many times complacency in self-improvement can set in, simply because we lack the clarity to understand what we ought to focus upon at any given time.

This problem can be resolved via a daily one-card Tarot reading. The single card drawn will show the theme and concept which must be focused on and improved upon throughout the day.

In this article, you will learn how to perform a daily one-card Tarot reading according to the traditional method.

The Daily Reading Spread

Sole Position: An aspect, quality, or theme to focus on and improve upon today.

Spread Details

Sole Position: An aspect, quality, or theme to focus on and improve upon today.

This card displays what you must be mindful about today. By being mindful of this aspect, quality, or theme, you can better resolve various problems which arise throughout the day that are related to this concept. Note carefully whether this card is upright or reversed, because the upright and reversed meanings can show varying degrees of positive or negative aspects.

The Guide:

1. Shuffle the deck.

2. Draw one card and set it into its position.

3. Examine the card in turn, interpreting its traditional meanings in accordance with its position to interpret what you need to be mindful about today.

4. Consider how best to move forward: how can you take actionable steps to improve upon this aspect, quality, or theme within your life today? If the answer does not strike you immediately, then constantly search for opportunities throughout the day to grow and progress in this area.

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