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How to Perform a "Mind, Body, and Soul" Tarot Reading

Several studies have suggested that meditation in various forms actually changes the genes which cause stress, leading us to healthier, longer-lasting, and happier lives.

It has been common wisdom for a long time that meditation brings great health benefits, but now there is an abundant amount of scientific evidence which backs up this belief.

Meditation can take many forms:

Maybe you do Yoga; maybe you enjoy Tai Chi; maybe you pray.

All of those forms of meditation can work wonderfully for the right person.

The Tarot is also a great tool for meditation.

Tarot cards are typically used to answer questions and to give insight into our daily lives. But they also help us to cultivate wisdom by bringing to the forefront ideas and concepts which we have held subconsciously, but perhaps never directly addressed.

One might think this would be stressful. After all, what if a Tarot reading features cards which bring up uncomfortable, even outright negative, topics?

That may cause some anxiety, but by having the cards bring up uncomfortable topics, you can get acquainted with these thoughts and you can think of ways to resolve whatever problems are coming.

Then, in your future, because you planned ahead, you can either avoid those problems altogether or you can handle them better when they do appear.

In this way, meditation through the Tarot brings you a great number of health benefits. In fact, Tarot is perhaps best used as a tool to benefit your health, wealth, and emotional stability.


This is a fantastic 3-card spread for focusing on how to grow and improve mentally, physically, and spiritually. Best of all, as far as Tarot spreads go, this one is very straightforward and easy to read and interpret.


1st Position: The aspect of your mind (mental health) that you should consider

2nd Position: The aspect of your body (physical health) that you should consider

3rd Position: The aspect of your soul (spiritual health) that you should consider

Let us look at an example reading:

1st Position: The Mind

The first card in the spread signifies the aspect of our mind that we should consider.

We have drawn the Queen of Swords, reversed. Although the Queen of Swords normally symbolizes ambition with good intentions when upright, when reversed she indicates making excuses for poor ideas, bad reasoning, and/or terrible actions.

So, for the purposes of our meditation, let us ask ourselves some hard questions: what sort of poor ideas have we had recently? How did those ideas impact us? Why were they wrong? What actions did we do recently that could be, and should be, considered wrong, or even immoral?

Let us consider how we can overcome these faults. We can change our faulty ideas by seeking the truth in all things and in all its forms. We can prevent wrong actions by being mindful of what moral actions we ought to take instead.

2nd Position: The Body

The next card signifies the physical aspect that we should consider.

We have drawn the Eight of Wands. This card symbolizes energy, first and foremost, for the element of the wands suit is Fire, and Fire is the element of energy and passion. Moreover, the Eight of Wands is positive, so it suggests that energy is being put to good use, which will bring good news and good results.

Meditate on the wisdom of this card: energy is what we should seek for our physical selves. In order to obtain energy, we must first rest, but afterwards we must use that energy to its fullest extent. Do not waste it. Do not be lazy. Think of ways to be energetic, to be passionate, to have enthusiasm for whatever goal you are pursuing.

What can you strive to show greater energy in? Your relationship? Your career? Something as simple as showing energy in your physical exercise? Think of what this card means to you, and then take its advice: use your energy and go pursue that goal. Your life will flourish as a result.

3rd Position: The Soul

The last card signifies the spiritual aspect that we should consider.

The last card is the Three of Wands. This card symbolizes action, adventure, and even travel.

Now, how can we understand that in a spiritual aspect? There are a multitude of ways!

There are some people who lack passion for adventure, who do not like new challenges, who run from the opportunity to experience new things.

That is not the sort of person you should be. For what kind of life is that? We get but one life in this world; wisdom suggests that we use it well, and experience our universe to the fullest.

Ask yourself: in what ways can you have more adventure? What is something you have always wanted to do, but have not yet done? What do you have on your “bucket list”?

Find out the answers to those questions...and then pursue them.

Go on that adventure. Travel to that place. If money stands in the way of one thing, find another thing, or find a less expensive way to accomplish the goal.

If physically you cannot do what you've dreamed, then think of another way to experience that adventure; not all adventure, not all travel, need be physical.

You merely need to let your soul come alive. Make it happen.

Through Tarot readings like this one, the Tarot can be a great source of wisdom. A good Tarot reading, like a fun Yoga session, or a thoughtful evening prayer, can truly improve your life.

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