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Should You Repeat a Tarot Reading?

Sometimes, people want to "redo" or "repeat" their Tarot reading with the same question or about the same situation. In this article, you will discover whether this is a wise thing to do.

The answer depends on whether we are talking about people performing self-readings or clients who desire readings.


If you are performing a self-reading, then these are the three most common reasons why you may ask the same question multiple times:

  1. Your situation has changed notably since the last time you asked (a good reason)

  2. You do not like the answer received (a bad reason)

  3. You asked a foolish or incomplete question the first time around, or used a badly-designed card spread, and you are redoing the reading properly the next time (a good reason...sort of!)


If your Tarot clients keep asking the same question(s) about the same topic(s), then these are the three most common reasons why your clients may be doing so:

  1. The situation has changed notably since the last time the client asked about it (a good reason)

  2. The client does not like the answer received (a bad reason)

  3. The client did not receive a clear answer and serious advice from the reader (a good reason for the client to go elsewhere, but shows the lack of ability and professionalism of the reader)

The best way to prevent clients from asking the same question repeatedly (for no good reason, that is) is to resolve their question properly, professionally, and clearly.

Work with Tarot clients in a multiple-step process:

First, clarify and finalize their questions.

Second, design a custom-made card spread that will fully answer the client's questions and provide serious advice and guidance on the situation.

Third, interpret the cards and discuss them together.

This is the traditional methodology of performing a professional Tarot reading. By the end of a reading that is performed according to the traditional method, a reader should have a very good understanding of precisely what to do to create the best possible future outcome, and will have all questions resolved.

If you recognize that a client is asking the same question repeatedly just because she does not like the answer, and you know that she understands the answer you have given (yet will not accept it), then you have several options:

1. Continue performing multiple readings for that client, for the purpose of making more money (which is dishonest and unprofessional).

2. Tell the client that because the situation has not changed substantially, the answer remains the same, and refuse to take more money.

I strongly recommend that, if you are working as a professional Tarot reader, you choose the LATTER option.

Profiting off a desperate client who refuses to accept a particular answer (without any reason beyond not liking it) is doing a massive disservice to that client and is a dishonest business practice.

Honesty in any business is ALWAYS the best policy, and professional Tarot consulting is no exception. It is better to resolve the underlying problem of why the client will not accept the answer and advice given, than to take more money and continue to perform random readings.

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