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The Grandmaster Guide to Tarot: The Fool

Many years ago, I wrote a series of guides on each card of the Major Arcana, and one guide on each of the four suits. The original print versions of these guides were distributed to my long-term clients, colleagues, and students.

Since then, I have received many requests to create digital versions. I am glad to say that we are working hard to convert these guides into ebooks, and am delighted that the first of these guides---covering the first card of the Major Arcana, the Fool---has just been released on Amazon. In this guide, I have endeavored to make your reading time worth your while. The book includes two parts: the first is a full description of the Fool and his meanings and symbols; the second includes seven custom-designed card spreads which use the Fool as their Significator and theme. Each of these spreads is followed by instructions for use, and an example of the spread being used to help a real client.

Here is an excerpt from the first section, describing the Fool:

The Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana, the cards which have the strongest and most direct meanings that provide an overarching theme for a reading and which exert great influence upon the rest of the cards.

The Fool's basic meanings include beginnings, innocence, new energy, and risks. Keep these in mind while we examine the card.

The Fool is traipsing around, having just begun a new journey, with little understanding of his eventual destination. He is the embodiment of the young person about to enter a new stage of life, the entrepreneur about to pursue a special business venture, the learner seeking new knowledge, the inventor creating a new product, the dreamer seeking a new religion or philosophy. He is, in essence and in sum, a person on the very beginning of a new life path.

Although the Fool appears unconcerned about future challenges, we see that he is coming dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. His loyal dog tries to warn him about his impending doom, but the Fool either does not notice or does not care. Ignorant of his dog’s warnings, the Fool gazes off into the distance, marveling at the sky, for his head is quite literally in the clouds.

Have you met people like the Fool, who are blissfully---or willfully---ignorant of approaching challenges and pitfalls? Perhaps you have been like this yourself in some situations. The Fool is the person who lunges towards a new career without regard to the difficulties and struggles accompanying the work. He is the person who quits a stable career without having any sort of replacement job. He is a thrill-seeker who takes risks either because they seem fun and engaging at the time or because he does not even recognize that the risks exist. Recognize that sometimes these risks pay off tremendously, and other times they lead to catastrophe.

If this sounds like the book for you, please click the image or follow the link below to visit its page on Amazon. I hope you greatly enjoy the book!

Buy the book here by clicking this link!

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