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The Importance of Honesty in a Tarot Reader

Honesty is important for everyone, not only Tarot readers, of course.

But in an industry with an unfortunate but well-deserved reputation for liars and con artists, with so-called psychics who hope to scam gullible and naive victims out of hundreds if not thousands of dollars, honesty can go a long way to distinguishing your Tarot reading business from countless others.

One of the reasons why I have always referred to myself as a "professional consultant", first and foremost, over calling myself "an astrologer and psychic" is because the term consultant used to carry more weight. Sadly, this is no longer the case; now the world, especially online, is filled with brash and glitzy "consultants" spouting incredibly generic financial and relationship advice, all hoping to make a few quick dollars off the public.

Fortunately, the public is not so dumb.

Most of these charlatans are out of business---and out of money---within a year or two.

This is incredibly obvious on venues filled with amateur Tarot readers selling their services for the first time, such as on Etsy, where a buyer can routinely find Tarot readings for $5 or less.

While there are some legitimate readers on such sites, most make money by claiming to have performed a reading, which they then send a copy of to every single customer, with the only change necessary being a couple of lines of text to make the most generic advice seem real----at least, it can seem that way to a clueless, first-time Tarot client.

Maybe this seems to be the quick-and-easy way for a would-be Tarot reader (or anyone, really) to make money.

But, as noted above, these businesses tend to collapse in about a year. Eventually, the public catches on.

If you want to begin a truly successful Tarot and consultation business for the long-term, then I advise you to do so with integrity and honesty as core ideals.

What does this mean?

It means, first and foremost, that you are providing real value to your clients; you actually care about them, and you want to guide them on how to resolve their problems and fulfill their desires.

Rather than engaging in nonsensical, metaphysical hocus-pocus, you provide clear, actionable advice that leads to real results when it is implemented.

Most importantly of all, you tailor your readings to the client; you give each client the help he or she needs, rather than offering generic pleasantries and empty, feel-good platitudes.

Another important way to show honesty is by displaying your prices up front. Be clear what you are offering and how much that service will cost.

Yes, you can charge what your time and skill is worth to you. I strongly recommend that you do so, in fact, unless you are running a sale or a special offer.

However, do not fall into the activity of trying to "trap" customers into paying outrageous fees. The most common "psychic trap" or con-game is to get a customer on the phone, claim that the session will be short, charge $1/minute, and then just keep talking incessantly and dragging out the conversation far longer than it needs to be in order to rack up the dollars.

One of the most disgusting tactics is to stir up a customer's emotions over the phone, lying about what the reading says if that seems effective (and it usually is). If the customer is crying, upset, or otherwise emotionally-charged, then that customer will not be tracking time well.

Soon enough, what should have been a 10-minute conversation turns into a 40-minute or longer session, with a thoroughly-confused customer paying much more than she had expected to pay.

Although charging by the minute and trying to keep customers on the line for as long as possible is perhaps not outright "dishonest," it is disagreeable, because it shows that the customer's best interests are not held in heart.

If you are a Tarot reader,

be HONEST, because:

1. you will gain more clients in the long-term

2. you will be held in much higher esteem by the general public

3. you will feel good about what value you bring to your clients and to the world at large

If you are a client looking for a Tarot reader,

take the time to FIND a consultant who is honest and trustworthy, because:

1. you will gain a devoted supporter and guide

2. you will save your money, and spend it wisely for meaningful advice and real results

3. you will feel comfortable and happy without the need to worry about being taken advantage of

Honesty, in business as in the rest of life, is the best policy.

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