Our Online Tarot Reading features a premium-quality, custom-designed card spread that will answer even the most complex questions and provide advice, guidance, and insight with exceptional detail via discussion throughout your consultation.


What makes our Online Tarot Reading special is that after each card, we will discuss the card's meaning and interpretation together with you in an ongoing consultation via email. This comprehensive discussion allows even small aspects of your question to be interpreted with brilliant clarity.




There are three reading lengths you can choose. The longer readings feature more cards. Including more cards allows for greater depth and detail in your reading; all reading lengths, however, will answer your questions.


Fast (3 cards): Ideal for overviews and time-sensitive "Yes or No" questions. Example: "Should I stay in this relationship?"


Comprehensive (4-6 cards): Ideal for involved questions and situations. Example: "Which career path should I take?"

Enhanced (7-12 cards): Ideal for complex situations and intricate questions. Example: "I would like a detailed overview of my life and future."




After scheduling a reading, you will be contacted within 48 hours via the email address you provide.


First, we will talk about your question(s) and your situation. You may share as many details as you feel comfortable; the more details we discuss, the more accurately we can interpret the Tarot's messages and help you with specific advice. We will review your questions and finalize a list of questions that your reading will answer. Once you are happy with your list of questions, we will move to the next step of your reading.


Second, we will design a customized card spread that will perfectly reveal the answers to your questions and provide the guidance that you seek. We will review a preliminary card spread together, and once you are happy with it, we will move to the next step of your reading.


Third, after the spread has been designed, we will perform your reading, send a photograph of your personalized reading to you, and begin interpreting the cards for you.


Throughout your reading, we will discuss the cards together and what they mean for your specific situation. Usually, we will discuss the overall spread at first; afterwards, we will discuss each card together, one-by-one.


After we have interpreted and reviewed the cards together and you have received ALL of the answers to your questions, you will receive a summary of your reading filled with even more practical, useful advice to enhance and improve your future.



There are two options for readings, which are delivered digitally via email:


1. Text: You will receive written interpretations and responses to your questions and comments by email.


2. Audio: You will receive a recorded audio interpretation of your reading and audio responses to your questions and comments by email.

Online Tarot Reading

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  • Druid Tarot provides a complete, 100% money-back guarantee to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the excellent value you receive from your personalized Tarot reading. We want your Tarot experience to be risk-free!

  • You will be contacted within 48 hours by email to begin your personalized Tarot reading. Readings via email can extend over several days, depending on how much you would like to discuss about each card.

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